The project born in the town of Oliveira de Azemeis by Miguel Ribeiro.

In about 15 years, the FRAME music project is growing and built a discography of 15 home edition records. Since 2000 that FRAME live act in clubs and bars, only later on 2002 happened the first big event "Sons do Lago", showing to everyone the big potencial of this artist, conceiving a show with dance and vocal performers, and visual effects too.After that, the project became something more serious and the albuns releases were an explosion. Mr.Wortex joined the project, taking care of the video projections, presenting in live act his video productions.

Since then, they bring joy and diferent chilled moods, with lots of atmospheres and glamorous ambiences.
Party's like Utopia, Sinergia, Boom and many others, that this two guys were acting changed them forever. 

Started in 1994
Name: Luis Miguel Ribeiro aka LMIG
mr.wortex Mr.Wortex
Joined in 2002
Name: Diogo Paiva aka Mr. Wortex
The project was born in 1996 in the town of Oliveira de Azemeis in Portugal. In that time Miguel Ribeiro only compose for showing to friends and home listening. In that time he only had a Roland D10 and a computer with the TRAX Sequencer.

The project born as natural consequence of Miguel strong taste for Electronic Music. In that time Portugal was emerging the dance scene, and wit it, the first big Rave Parties was starting to have some representaty in the events nacional wide. Party's like "Feira Virtual" in S.M. Feira's Castle, "Univercity Paradise Party" in Coimbra, and later the "Tecnolandia" in a very undergound factory also in Coimbra, woke up a movement to the house/tecno scene, that in some way bring to FRAME some influence.

The first songs and home studio releases were in 97/98, with some acid tecno sounds and variances. With his music gradiation background, L.Mig explored the sounds and melodies achieved in more and more sources, samples, new softwares and most importante, the new synthesizer rack.
FRAME as appeared in some music compilations. Dance Club Magazine, Alternative World by Independent Records, Infinit-e Ex-analogue by Enter Records, and Cen´Art Compilation by Soulseek Records.

Along the way, L.Mig motivated various music projects and participated in some ohters, but most of them never came to a real release. So, the ones that actualy did are here.
V/A Alternative World
by Independent Records
by Dance Club Magazine thumb_sos
Infinit-e - Ex-analogue
by Enter Records
V/A Cen´Art Compilation
by Soulseek Records
side-projects L.MIG SIDE PROJECTS

GAMELAN - Initiated in 2000 - Ambience
Solo project created for unique purpose of naming amusicalb recording done in that year. The music created was for a specific show that was presented in the "Convento de Alcobaça" in Portugal.


A project intiated in 2009. Progressive moods, and groovy beats.
Soon we show you some songs. Stay tunned!

ALIEN NAVIGATOR - Initiated in 2010 - PsyTrance
A new approach of L.MIG in sounds more progressive and psy Trance. A lot of songs and video show is prepared.. but  not yet finished.
So, we bring you more info about this new project soon.

zurickpound2ZURICK POUND - Initiated in  1995 with Paulo Alegria. Along the way, two albuns were released, "Inner Trip" and "Stretch the wings".