Side Projects

side-projects L.MIG SIDE PROJECTS

GAMELAN - Initiated in 2000 - Ambience
Solo project created for unique purpose of naming amusicalb recording done in that year. The music created was for a specific show that was presented in the "Convento de Alcobaça" in Portugal.


A project intiated in 2009. Progressive moods, and groovy beats.
Soon we show you some songs. Stay tunned!

ALIEN NAVIGATOR - Initiated in 2010 - PsyTrance
A new approach of L.MIG in sounds more progressive and psy Trance. A lot of songs and video show is prepared.. but  not yet finished.
So, we bring you more info about this new project soon.

zurickpound2ZURICK POUND - Initiated in  1995 with Paulo Alegria. Along the way, two albuns were released, "Inner Trip" and "Stretch the wings".